This is what our readers get up to around the chimney on Christmas eve 6 years ago

This is what our readers get up to around the chimney on Christmas eve

Every house has different traditions at Christmas time; some we have inherited from our own childhoods and others we develop as our own families grow.

Christmas and Santa become so magical once again with small kids to share it with and we are always on the lookout for new ideas to really wow the little ones on Christmas morning.

So we asked our readers how Santa lets their kids know that he has visited on Christmas eve - besides leaving some presents behind, of course!


Here are some of the lovely and fun responses we've had so far:

Mags McGarrity, The Naul

Rudolph always leaves lots of bits of carrots eveywhere. And the room is covered in gold glitter!

Gwen Loughman, Co Kildare

This year I'm thinking about leaving a note in their stockings with a few simple clues on it - treasure hunt kind of thing - for them to find an extra SMALL present hidden in the house.


Orla Kelly, Laytown

We leave snow (flour) with Santa's foot prints in the sitting room and on the fire place. Goes down a treat - a bit messy tho!


Sinead Murphy, Co Dublin

You can see his magic dust (glitter) on fire place with a big boot print !

Declan Walsh, Co Kildare

He left our house in such a hurry one night his hat got caught on our fire guard!

Nonie Love, Co Meath

We have soot on the floor with boot shapes in them, outside there's carrot crumbs and magic flying glitter from the reindeer eating their snack.

Mary Mol Cullen, Co Wicklow

He knocks over the little stool that is beside the table with the cookies, he leaves crumbs on the table and floor, a half eaten cookie on the plate, dregs of milk in the glass which can sometimes be left on its side, mucky footprints on the floor and on the hearth of the fire and sometimes some pieces of fluff from his suit on the floor and the fire guard.


What does Santa get up to in your house on Christmas eve? Let us know in the comments!