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27th Jul 2017

Ciara has been criticised for taking her baby on a toboggan slide

What do you think?

Laura Holland


Do you agree with everyone?

Ciara has come under fire for bringing her three-month old baby on a toboggan slide.

She is currently in China on holiday with her husband and her two children, 3-year-old Future and 3-month-old Sienna Princess.

She decided to take a trip down the toboggan slide on the Great Wall of China and brought both the children. This has majorly annoyed her fans with them saying that it is too dangerous for children, especially a three month old.

Some people have been very quick to give their opinion to the singer:

“It’s really irresponsible and unsafe for a 3month old baby, never ever have I seen a mother do something like this,and they don’t usually allow u to take a newborn baby on any type of ride!”

“If you want to put your child(ren) in danger that’s you. As a mother I would never do this while my was young. If these were regular people they would have been charged with child endangerment.”

“That looks like fun!! But I had to stop watching it when I noticed you had your baby with you!”

Other people have come to her defence:

“They were going DOWN the great wall, because they were LEAVING. This was the quickest and the safest option. Accidents can happen in a car, and they do on a daily basis. That doesn’t stop parents from transporting their kids in their vehicle all the time. People need to use common sense and stop rushing to judgement.”

“Lol at people trying to tell someone else how to raise their child. Your baby has a better chance of getting injured in a car accident or on the playground than this little ride.”