This clever trick makes it easy to know if your baby has started teething 11 months ago

This clever trick makes it easy to know if your baby has started teething

If you have ever tried to feel around with your finger inside the mouth of a baby trying to check for the presence of tiny, sharp teeth, you are going to appreciate this trick so much.

Speaking to Australian parenting website Mouths of Mums, Stephanie Arneill says her own mum taught her this super-easy way to tell if a baby is teething, and it genuinely is such a nifty little hack, she wanted other parents to know about too. Love this 'parenting is a village' vibe, I got to say!

Anyway, the Arneill took to TikTok to share a video of her mum's clever teething hack, and needless to say, other parents loved it, and the video has since been viewed more than half a million times.

Check it out:

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All you need to do, according to Arneill, is gently press the edge of a glass against your little one’s gums.

And like magic, if they are indeed teething, you will see their little pearly whites clearly through the glass.

How clever!

And while some parents were a little sceptical of using a glass in their baby's mouth like that, Arneill was quick to reassure them you only need to hold it gentle against your little one's gums, and if there are any little teeth there, you will see them very quickly.

How did YOU check to see if your baby was teething? Let us know in the comments.