Colin Farrell opens up about being a single dad of two boys 7 years ago

Colin Farrell opens up about being a single dad of two boys

Appearing on RTE's Late Late Show last night, Colin Farrell opened up about being a single dad of two young boys, describing them both as "terrors" and "lovely lads".

The Hollywood actor has a six-year-old son, Henry, with Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, a Polish actress and singer he met while filming the 2009 movie Ondine, in Cork; as well as a twelve-year-old son, James, with American-Canadian model, Kim Bordenave.

Talking about his youngest, the 39-year-old told Ryan Tubridy last night, "He's deadly, he's torture, he's too smart; I reach for Wikipedia every time he asks me a question. I can't keep up with him; he's too clever, he's too bright, but he's a lovely little fella."

When asked about his oldest, James, he joked, "He's a terror as well." He continued, "They're lovely lads. I like them well."

Colin, who is currently back home for the premiere of his new film, The Lobster, also spoke candidly about being single for six years. Although, he confessed, he "may not have been alone every night in bed" for all those nights, he told Ryan he was still single because that was the way life had unfolded. "I haven't exactly been proactively looking for someone," he said. "Just between working and travelling, and being at home with two fellas I want to be there for."

He continued, "Don't get me wrong, if I met someone tomorrow, your life expands accordingly, as does your heart, and you find moments, and you find evenings, and you get a babysitter and all that jazz, so it's not like hardship and, 'I'm at home with the kids'. It's not that; I've been content and busy with my two lads and working away."

Apart from joking that he uses Tinder under a different name to meet people, the dad-of-two didn't reveal much when asked by Ryan about being in the dating game. Judging by the reaction on Twitter though, we don't reckon he has to try too hard to find someone.


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