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29th Apr 2017

Make it memorable! 6 unique ideas for your child’s Christening day

Sharyn Hayden

Having your gorgeous little one Christened is still an important milestone for many families.

And even if you’re not religious, you might want to throw a ‘welcome to the world’ soiree for your new arrival.

Some will opt to have just a few family members around for the occasion, while others will go all out and invite half the neighbourhood. It’s up to you!

And if you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to make it a really memorable day, we’ve rounded up 6 inspiring party ideas to get you started:

1. Cater to the kids


It can be easy to get wrapped up in planning a party that the adults will be ‘Wow-ing’ at, but if there are kids coming, don’t forget to impress them too. Try these jelly jam jars on for size – cute, right?

2. Doughnut Everything


Doughnut cakes, doughnut towers and now – doughnut kebabs! If you are having a christening in 2017, remember it is the Year Of The Doughnut and plate up accordingly!

3. Go Heart-shaped


Do we love our new babies? Yes we do. Do they make us more loved up than every before? Yes they do. Can we get our heart-shaped cookie cutters out and make the afternoon tea look amazing? Oh yes we SO can!

4. Have a fabulous cake display


How gorgeous is this? I mean, it wouldn’t last five minutes in our homes but it would look AMAZING on an Instagram page. Look at the gold on the cake – swoon!

5. Make baby-sized everything


Too adorable! Baby carrots, baby corn on the cob, JELLY BABIES – you can do this!

6. Gather Up Wishes For The Baby


This is also a great idea for baby showers but in light of the fact that not all family members will have been at the shower, why not invite them to write wishes for the baby that you can keep in a memory box for when they grow up.

Your kids will so thank you for it (eventually!).