This couple made a parenting version of Paranormal Activity and it's hilarious 2 years ago

This couple made a parenting version of Paranormal Activity and it's hilarious

Too real!

Parenting can be a frightening experience but this couple took it to the next level!

The husband and wife duo recreated Paranormal Activity but instead of ghosts, the villains are...our kids.

The hilarious video shows the pair battling against sleep deprivation, a child who keeps appearing from nowhere and a baby gate that mysteriously keeps falling off its hinges.

Posted by The Dad Break, I couldn't help watching and thinking 'yep, been there'.

I don't know how many times my child has frighted the life out of me when I've woken up in the middle of the night and they were staying by my bed staring at me.

Why do they do this and why is it always at 4 am that they really need a drink of water?


Some commentators on the video weren't as amused and felt like the couple was putting down co-sleeping and insisted that they managed to have their child in the bed and have a perfect night's sleep.

Other posters to the page weren't having it though;

"Funny to see all these wonderful people pretend their children are perfect. Just let them in with you or they will find you!!"

"These comments are almost as funny as the video. It’s just a spoof and you have all these people getting super serious about parenting skills. Try this - just laugh, then move on."

I have co-slept with both of my children when they were small and while I loved being snuggled up to them, there was many a troubled night.

Somehow no matter how the night begins, they always end up in the middle of the bed, full starfish while I'm hanging off of the edge clutching my pillow.

The video is made as a movie trailer but I honestly think a full-length feature version needs to be released.