Crafty mum makes 'edible' sandpit for her baby by putting Cheerios in a blender 2 years ago

Crafty mum makes 'edible' sandpit for her baby by putting Cheerios in a blender

An indoor sandpit!

The weather has been a little all over the place these past two weeks, and between the wind and the rain, many of us have found the need to entertain our little ones indoors again, after weeks and weeks of glorious outdoor weather.

Such is the Irish summer, I guess.

However, if you are running out of things to keep your tot entertained with, a clever mum just took to TikTok to show how she was making sensory play sand for her little girl – by putting some Cheerios into her Nutribullet.

What happens? Well, now you have 'sand' that your children can play away with to their heart's content, and yet you don't have to keep shouting 'Don't put that in your mouth!' every four seconds.


Mum Elle, who posts under the username @Elleannachristine, showed how she puts a handful of Cheerios in her Nutribullet blender. She then blends the cereal until it has a sand-like consistency, and puts it on a plastic tray alongside some toys for her daughter Amara – and voila – sensory play and tons of fun.

On videos shared to the popular social media platform, she showed her baby grabbing handfuls of the stuff and putting toys covered in it in her mouth. The post has had over 2.6 million views and other parents love the idea. One said: ‘I just did this!! He absolutely loved it. He wanted to go to the beach for his birthday but it’s pouring rain so we brought the “beach” to him.’

Another added: ‘Wow thank you so much, what a genius idea! Doing this tomorrow and probably every day after lol.’

The Illinois-based mum said she has done more edible crafts on her TikTok, like “putting a couple of Amara’s toys in jello last week,” but the “edible sand” is the biggest one so far.