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02nd Feb 2018

Looks like every parent is wondering the exact same thing about PAW Patrol

Keeley Ryan

Hands up who already has the ‘catchy’ theme tune stuck in their head?

Chances are if you’ve got a little one at home, you’re pretty familiar with PAW Patrol and have definitely seen one episode (or two, or three).

But, if you’re not, here’s a quick rundown: the children’s cartoon follows a handful of puppies and their 10-year-old owner, Ryder, who are seemingly responsible for the emergency services in town called Adventure Bay.

It’s a cute concept on the surface – after all, who doesn’t love puppies?

But one dad’s recent question had us re-thinking about the plot a little harder, and we began to wonder: why doesn’t Adventure Bay have proper emergency services?

Guardian reporter Martin Belam recently posed the same question to Twitter, causing  plenty of parents to second-guess the series.

He wrote:

“Who is the never-seen-figure who is funding Paw Patrol, and why are they investing billions in ridiculous equipment for small dogs to operate, instead of funding proper emergency services in Adventure Bay?”

Other parents were quick to share their own theories on who was bankrolling the PAW Patrol services.

One person wrote:

“I’ve always assumed Ryder is some alternate universe Bruce Wayne whose mansion home was built over dog kennels instead of a bat cave.”

Another added:

“Ryder, too precocious for his billionaire parents, is dispatched to Adventure Bay in lieu of private school. In later life, he will tell folks he funded the whole thing itself.”

Someone else wrote:

“My wife figured it out. Almost every season they find a treasure and they always claim said booty.

“So pirate and lost jungle kingdom gold funds a vigilante puppy force that keeps adventure bay in check.”