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06th Feb 2020

Dad brags about how clever his kids are on Twitter and the internet claps back

This is hilarious.

I think as parents we’ve all been a little guilty of bragging about our kids. We’re proud, it happens.

What you probably shouldn’t do is brag about how great of a parent you are while simultaneously putting other mums/dads down, simple because they have different parenting methods.

One dad found this out the hard way when he took to Twitter to brag about his children’s advanced vocabulary skills, which he believes is because of his parenting.

I don’t think anyone would mind if he said he doesn’t talk baby talk to his kids and he feels it has helped their vocabulary. When it comes to this tweet it’s more the way he said it.

Bragging about how your child is so much more advanced than other kids is one way to get yourself uninvited to a baby group.

Child development specialist say that although there are some bench marks that most children reach by certain ages, kids all develop in their own time.

The internet decided to explain to this dad that his bragging was not appreciated by bragging about their own kids in the most hilarious way.

There were no end of replies to the tweet but one mum was the voice of reason simply telling the dad in question what works for one parent doesn’t necessarily work for all;

“Good for you, in my opinion I like kids being children for as long as possible.

Life is hard, educate your kids but don’t force them to be adults before their time.
Dont force your way to others each parent has their own way that works for them.”