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14th Feb 2018

Dad carves magical Hogwarts-themed playground out of ice for his daughters

It looks enchanting.

One dad in Canada went about and beyond for his two Harry Potter-obsessed daughters, when he decided to carve them a magical icy playground.

The creative man turned his front yard into a “little slice of Hogwarts” for his two daughters, six-year-old Julia and Anna, 8.

Alberta-based ice carver Kelly Davies has been working on the project ever since late January, when the heavy snowfall in the area began. 

While he normally creates a winter playground for his daughters every year, he decided to make it Hogwarts-themed after they fell “head over heels for all things Harry Potter”.

According to CBC News, it all began when Anna got the boxed set of Harry Potter books last year – and flew through them all in under three weeks.

He added:

“We got the movies, and then the little one started watching the movies with her.”

Davies creates the ice blocks by packing the snow into large, wooden boxes.

So far he’s made a large ice slide, as well as Dumbledore’s chair (Hogwarts crest included, naturally).

He’s currently working The Great Hall, and adding a number of smaller touches into the mix.

The project has gotten so big that it’s completely taken over the family’s yard – and even started creeping into their neighbour’s lawn.

He’s also added lights under the snow to make the project look even more magical at nighttime.