Dad praised for brilliant response after daughter tried to shame breastfeeding mum 3 years ago

Dad praised for brilliant response after daughter tried to shame breastfeeding mum

Fair play!

A dad has gone viral for his brilliant response after his daughter tried to shame a breastfeeding mum.

Reddit user /u/starson shared the story on behalf of their sister (and with her permission), explaining that while she didn't use the platform "the world deserves to hear this".

They wrote that their sister had recently given birth to "the world's cutest little boy and I will fight you if you say otherwise."

But when she was at a restaurant recently, /u/starson's sister said that she had experienced her first 'gross, she's breastfeeding' moment by a 12 year old girl - whose dad had a brilliant response.

The pair were sitting at a nearby table when the girl commented: "ew, she has her tit out."

Her dad was quick to point out that breastfeeding isn't 'ew' worthy, but a "natural" action.

When his daughter asked "can't she do it somewhere like the bathroom", the dad had a reply for that one, too.

He quipped:


“Sure she can. You [can] go eat your dinner your bathroom too.

"Actually maybe she shouldn’t feed her baby at all just like I shouldn’t be feeding a rude little girl”

The dad took his daughter's plate, looking her dead in the eye, and said:

"That right there is the most natural beautiful thing as a mother, your momma fed you that way, someday you will feed your baby that way and someone will say it’s gross and it’ll hurt your feelings.

"That lil baby wants to eat and if you want to eat you will not be thinking such rude things again. I raised you better.”

/u/starson ended the post by explaining that the girl "slumped in her seat and huffed" at her dad's response.

They ended the post by writing:

"He wouldn’t give her her plate back till she changed her attitude.

"Random Dad, you officially win, and I'm only sorry I wasn't there to make your meal on me."