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18th Mar 2015

These dads got to experience what the pain of labour feels like

Sive O'Brien

Remember the dads who decided to honour their wives and mums by wearing 33lb pregnancy suits for a month? Well, their time is up; the ’empathy bellies’ have been hung up and life has returned to normal again, but not before they got to experience the pain of labour.

They weren’t going to get away with pretending to be pregnant THAT lightly.

Working as publishing directors in Barcelona, Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins were only allowed to remove the empathy bellies, complete with fake breasts, to wash.

Documenting their month-long journey in a series of online posts, their last weekly video shows a (HILARIOUS) clip of the three pregnant dads being wired up to a machine that emits electric shocks to simulate labour.

One of the dads, Jason, posted on the Three Pregnant Dads site after the experiment, ” I no longer have to wear this blasted pregnancy suit. I never want to see it again quite frankly.

It has been my ball and chain whilst my family were away, kept me out of trouble but it has served its purpose in other ways: I have a more thorough understanding and admiration for mothers and mums-to-be. particularly my wife, Mondrey, who I could not love more for giving me my little boy. Huge respect and love to my own mother who is not only my best friend but a huge inspiration to me.”

Good on them. We’re guessing another pregnancy is out of the question though.