Debate erupts online after mum changes her son's nappy outside cafe 3 years ago

Debate erupts online after mum changes her son's nappy outside cafe

It's getting heated.

A debate has erupted on Facebook after a mother posted about changing her son's nappy on the grass outside of a cafe.

The mum of twin boys was having lunch on the picnic tables outside the Firehouse Cafe Restaurant in Guildford in the UK, and in the Facebook post, explained how hard it is to juggle her sons.

"Sometimes, having one year old twins is hard.
"You can't get your pushchair in through the baby change door at the cafe.
"So you change them before you leave the house.

"But, you know one year olds, when they've got to go, they've got to go. So sometimes dilemmas present themselves.
- Leave Twin 1 unattended while I change Twin 2? 
- Leave the cafe completely half way through lunch?
- Leave Twin 2 sat in his own **** ?

The mum, Dion, continues to say that there was no right situation, so she took the risk and changed her son on the grass.


"Or... knowing that there is no ideal situation, and given I'm sat outside, shall I change the baby on the grass?
"That way I can keep an eye on his brother while he eats the salad that makes them 90% profit?

"I'm here at least once a week. I've recommended this place to over 20 friends, you know me... I think I'll go for it!

"To the anonymous person who complained - you're a dick. I made it almost impossible for you to see anything. If you saw something that offended you, you were looking too closely."

She then went on the mention the waitress who addressed the issue with her, saying that it caused her embarrassment.

"Worse though, to the waitress who complained to me, shame on you! I didn't need to know that someone had complained.
"You didn't need to publicly embarrass me.
"I didn't need to leave with hot eyes and a lump in my throat.

"You mentioned that this person told you that they're not coming back again..well, neither are we."

Many have taken to the review section to debate the situation.

Some were angered by the post, with one commenter saying:

"Disgusted someone would want to change their baby in front of other customers. Good for the manager. Unhygienic and poor behaviour by a customer who didn't care about anyone but herself."

Others began to stick up for Dion, with another mother of twins, saying:

"Your attitude towards a paying customer was absolutely disgusting.

"Being a parent of twins is difficult enough without being publicly humiliated by you when all she was trying to do was clean up her baby. You deserve all the one star ratings you can get."

While another said:

"I'm am so shocked by some of the nasty comments on here.

"Dion please do not take these nasty comments to heart, it's not easy but keep saying to yourself they don't know the full situation. I just hope you don't get trolled."

What do you think of the whole situation?