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30th Mar 2018

Disney World’s most popular Insta spot has been ‘ruined’ and is unrecognisable


Gillian Fitzpatrick

Walt Disney World is a bucket-list spot for many – and if you do actually manage to get there you’ll want plenty of snaps to mark the occasion.

However, now the Orlando, Florida theme-park has created a bit of a stir.

According to multiple US sources, including the travel agent Touring Plans, the hugely popular Instagram wall at the attraction is being completely overhauled and will soon be unrecognisable.

Understandably, fans aren’t happy.

The famed purple wall – which is huge on social media – is ditching its original hue for something a little more stark and space-aged.

PEOPLE stated:

“Disney Parks had announced that enhancements were underway, but the graphite design is unexpected. It’s unclear if the new linear look is the final product or if it will be filled in to become a mural, but fans are sure to be surprised by the changes.”

The purple wall even has its own fan account as well as a line of official Disney Parks merchandise such as baseball hats.

PEOPLE adds:

“Repainting the stretch, which is between Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant, is likely part of an early and larger scale re-theming to enhance the land’s futuristic look prior to the arrival of Magic Kingdom’s Tron-themed roller coaster in 2021.”

Recently, we deciphered that Disneyland employees are banned from one very specific thing: pointing like normal folk would.

Yup, when they point they do so only using two fingers.

Apparently it’s all down to the fact that in some cultures it is considered very rude and even a bit offensive.