Do kids get too much homework? This mums completes 'ridiculous' homework for her kids every day 1 month ago

Do kids get too much homework? This mums completes 'ridiculous' homework for her kids every day

Do you think homework is unnecessary?

After spending several hours in school, do children really need homework on top of that?

Personally I hated doing homework when I was a child, I think just about every child does.

After a long day of school most children just want to play or relax which are both important for a child's development and mental health.

I don't really think they need hours more of school work when they get home and this mum completely agrees and actually takes it upon herself to do her child's homework.

One mum revealed to Kidspot that she does all of her child's homework and she's not one bit sorry about it;

"The truth is, while it may be compulsory, my kids don’t actually do their homework; I do.

And I am proud of doing it because I think kids having to complete homework this young, and at this stage in their schooling, is absolutely ridiculous."

She says that she feels it puts children under too much pressure and I tend to agree, especially when it comes to those in exam years who have additional study material or exam projects to work on as well as their standard homework.


There's also the other elephant in the room... the weight of their school bags.

My son is only in primary school and I already can't get over how heavy his school bag is some days so I can only imagine what it will be like when he gets to secondary school.

"For my youngest child. I dictate sentences and spell out words for her, I work out the maths problems and tell her the numbers and we do it quickly so it is out of the way as soon as humanly possible so she can get outside and play.

For my eldest two kids, who are allowed to do more on the computer like projects or written work that can be typed and printed, this I do all of. I even colour things in for them, make models or dioramas while they ride their bikes or do something together that they want to do."

It's a debate I see come up time and time again in parenting forums? Should homework be scrapped?

Personally I don't think there's any need for it, especially for very young children, but what do you think?

Do you think homework should be done away with or do you think it's essential to their learning?