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17th Jan 2020

‘Don’t call me just a mom’ -Mum writes poem and it’s something we can relate to

Melissa Carton

Ain’t it the truth?

Is there anything more frustrating as a mum than being asked ‘what do you do all day?’

It’s as if everyone thinks that the kids get fed, dressed and dropped off to school by a magic fairy godmother and not worn out mums with their hair tossed up into messy buns.

Not having your work as a mother counted as ‘real work’ is beyond annoying, especially since unlike regular jobs there’s no lunch break, no start and finish time, no holiday time and no pay. But there is lots and lots of work.

One mum wrote a poem that I think we can all relate to and points out how we’re more than ‘just a mum’.

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The poem posted to the Laken’s and Emily’s Baby Bank Facebook page reads;

“Don’t call me just a mom, because I have many jobs.

I am an alarm clock, a cook, a maid, a waitress, a teacher a nurse a referee a handyman , a security officer a photographer a counselor, a chauffeur, an event planner , a hair dresser, a personal assistant, an ATM and I scare away the boogie man.

I don’t get paid holidays or sick days or days off. I work day and night and I am on call 24/7 for the rest of my life and that is JUST being a mom I may not be anything to you but to somebody I am everything.”

Mums not only do all of these things but they always find the way to make things work even when it seems impossible.

While it’s no insult to be called ‘just a mom’ (proud mom right here) the implication that it’s not as tough as another kind of job is being false.

Depending on what the other job is being a mom is probably harder but at the same time we wouldn’t change it for the world.