Preparation is key! Manage the Christmas clean-up with these four easy steps 3 months ago

Preparation is key! Manage the Christmas clean-up with these four easy steps

There's nothing like the excitement of Christmas morning.

Children excitedly rushing to the Christmas tree to see what Santa has brought them, the unwrapping of presents and the joy on their faces.

Another thing that Christmas Day can bring is a lot of mess - it can sometimes be overwhelming when you get to the end of the day and your house is no longer recognisable.

However, there are some simple ways to ease the stressfulness of the Christmas clean up and below are four simple steps to help you keep your home tidy this festive season.

Keep wrapping to a minimum

You can't control the wrapping from gifts that come into your home but you can control your own. Minimise the amount of disposable wrapping you use on presents to minimise mess the following morning.

Layout foldable mats or throws

Preparing the night before or early on Christmas morning could save you hours of cleaning on the day.


Put foldable mats or throws on the ground before the chaos ensues so that you can get every last scrap off the floor in one motion.

Strike a deal

One way to keep the mess down is to make a deal with your children, especially older children and teenagers. Tell them they must tidy up any wrappers and packaging from the last gift that they opened before they open their next present.

It'll keep mess low and give you a little dig out during a hectic day.

Tidy as you go

Keeping the tidying going all day will prevent you from being left with a massive pile of rubbish to deal with at the end of the day.

Chuck and put away unnecessary mess and items throughout the day and come Christmas night you'll be able to put your feet up with all the cleaning and tidying sorted.