Easy DIY "snow" that'll keep the kids entertained (while you get some stuff done) 2 years ago

Easy DIY "snow" that'll keep the kids entertained (while you get some stuff done)

Got some life admin or house cleaning or actual work you just need to get done today?


So what we all need, basically, is an activity that will keep the kids engrossed long enough for us to actually get stuff done, and we got just the thing.

Are your kids obsessed with kinetic sand too? Well, then they are going to love this homemade version – which is just like snow.

Fake kinetic snow sand

If you haven’t tried kinetic sand this is a great time to try it since you can make it yourself. Kinetic sand is so fun to play with because it squishes, takes shape, and crumbles.


2 cups white craft sand (try hobby stores)

3/4 cups cornstarch


1/4 cups washing up liquid

1/4 cups water

Some glitter (optional)


Mix the sand and corn starch together.

In a separate bowl mix the dish soap and the water. Add the liquid mixture into the sand, mixing as you go making sure all the sand is moistened but not drenched. Set the sand aside to settle. The sand is ready to play with when you can squeeze it and it will hold shape without making your hand wet.

Note: Unlike store-bought kinetic sand this pretend snow sand will dry out. When that happens simply sprinkle with a little bit of water and mix it in with hands until it is the correct consistency again.

Recipe and images via A Little Pinch of Perfect