Easy (And Life Changing) Money Saving Hacks You Can Start Right Now 5 years ago

Easy (And Life Changing) Money Saving Hacks You Can Start Right Now

Look, we all know it's not easy to run a household, get breaks away, dress and feed children as well as yourselves and still be expected to save.

But superhero is part of the job description of a parent, right? So like it or not, sometimes we have a responsibility to resist those cute shoes (for the kids) and those other cute shoes (for us) and instead make some sensible choices about those jingle bits.

We have put together some simple-to-follow budgeting tips to make sure we are making the most out of our hard-earned cash.

1. The envelope trick

This is a very hands-on and visual system for your money. It involves withdrawing your cash and putting it into envelopes marked 'groceries' or 'rent' or 'savings'  The idea is that you can physically get a better idea of where you stand cash-wise. It focuses the mind big time because when you run out of money, that's it. This is more difficult these days when people have direct debits but if you even take out a certain amount every month and pop it in your savings envelope you will be surprised how much can eventually accumulate. Just make sure to hide them well!

2. Stop drinking that takeaway coffee

I know, I know, it is nectar from the gods when you haven't slept (again) but if you are serious about saving those pennies until they become pounds it is time to wave bye-bye to the expensive fancy coffees. Drink your work coffee or use that fancy reusable mug you have been meaning to take out of the box. It all adds up and if you forgo it you could save yourself around €600 a year. That is a good chunk towards your savings.

3. Money for old rope (or phones)

You may be surprised how much your used phone may be worth. It may be worth checking out.


4. Switch suppliers

It is amazing how much you can save by shopping around for better value home insurance and utility suppliers. It also gives you a chance to re-evaluate the services you are paying for...sky movies, anyone?

5. Be prepared

If you are travelling in Europe remember to bring your free EHIC card - this is available from your local welfare office and helps avoid possible medical charges if your sick or have an accident abroad.

6. Sell your pre-loved items

Are you ever really going to wear that cocktail dress again after you dropped 150 euro on it for a friends wedding? Box it up and ship it off to someone who will. Ebay and Gumtree are among the sites I use when I want to get a bit of cash together. I recently sold an old dining room table for 500 euro.

Now I plan to buy THREE new cocktail dresses. Just kidding.

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