Your Elf on The Shelf can now have elf babies and really – is there a need? 3 years ago

Your Elf on The Shelf can now have elf babies and really – is there a need?

In one week from today it will be December 1st.

This means a lot of things. Now you only have 24 days left to buy presents. It's advent calendar time. The next few weeks will no doubt be a whirlwind of end of year ballet shows and carol services and nativity plays and gingerbreak house assembling, And, if your house gets a visit from an Elf on the Shelf every December, he will once again reappear.

To much delight from your kids, and probably a little less delight from you – being the chief Elf positioner and all-around keeper of magical traditions in the family.

But if you are already worried about when you start running out of Elf ideas (you know, come, like, December 6th...), this year, you can have a brand new trick up your sleeve.

Because now you can make your Elf a mum. Or dad. Or elf-baby minder, if you will.

Yep, that's right.

Thanks to a company called My Magical Moments, your elf can be a married Elf mum with babies. Or a single Elf mum. Or an Elf mum married to another Elf mum with little Elf babies they conceived with some medical intervention.

In other words, the sky is your limit – elf babies are a thing, and you might as well just go with it.


Now your Elf might just be too busy changing Elf baby nappies and cleaning up Elf baby mess to play crazy tricks every night – which, you know, sounds like a bit of a Godsend, tbh.

I mean, what are you waiting for – just look how cute the outfits are:

Even better? You can also purchase Elf-sized cradles and highchairs.

Why not? You’ve already gone this far. You might as well just go all in.

Sure look – we don't want to tell you to just go buy more stuff. But as we all know, with an Elf in the house, December is a long month, and trying to think of 24 different things that little dude (or girl) can get up to can start to take its toll right about December 13th or so.

So who knows – maybe an Elf baby might just make your life a little easier this year? Or are you thinking you are not taking another into your home, one is more than enough, thank you very much.