If you have an "Elf on the shelf" this will make you super-excited 4 years ago

If you have an "Elf on the shelf" this will make you super-excited

Only a couple more weeks to go until he arrives, guys.

No, not Santa. He still has a full month to go before leaving the North Pole for his yearly jaunt around the globe. No, we are talking about Elf on the Shelf – if you got one of those due to arrive back shortly.

I know the excitement sure is building here in my house, where my own to children are asking me daily when Snowflake (our very own Elf) is coming back. Which, you know; we are all sorts of excited about, of course – and also, for me personally, a little stressed, knowing I have to come up with 24 new scenarios and antics before Christmas morning arrives and she leaves  us once more.

Which is why I am grateful for anything that will help me fill those 24 mornings with something that will entertain and amuse the kids.

Enter these amazing new tricks Elf can have up his (or her) sleeve this yuletide:

With the Letters to Santa pack (and your Elf), your kids can quickly get their letters to Santa straight to the North Pole. With the help of Mrs Claus' magic press and Santa's special paper, you can shrink the letters to elf-size so they can easily be carried by your elf. Oh, and after Santa reads the letter, your Scout Elf will hang it on your Christmas tree as a keepsake ornament.

Cute or what?


As well as these, your Elf can up his fashion game this season, as the Claus Couture range has got some cool new additions.

We love this superhero outfit with a cape, boots and mask (€15,99). All you have to do, is place the clothing where your scout elf can see it and he or she will put it on overnight:

Oh, and how cool is this graphic hoodie and headphones (€16)—the perfect ensemble for listening to classic Christmas music – perfect for music-loving Scout Elves:

And if you fancy helping your Elf out with her Christmas baking, this cute culinary set (€16) is perfect for families and Scout Elves who enjoy spending time in the kitchen:

Are YOU ready for your Elf to return soon, parents? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie