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23rd Jun 2016

6 End Of Year Present Ideas Your Kid’s Teachers Will LOVE

Sharyn Hayden

My son’s teachers are all kinds of amazing.

He’s in pre-school and has been under their loving, smart and comforting wings for just over two years.

During that time he has grown from a kid who was just out of nappies to a truly independent and clever young boy, a lot of which is because of their excellence as educators.

But they’re more than that, because they really love the kids too, so they are educators with heart.

But they’re also more than that, because they give a damn about the parent’s needs too and frequently advise us with our concerns about our little ones.

So they are educators with heart and a side order of counsellor.

How did we get so lucky and how will we cope without them when he leaves next week and heads for primary school? (Answer: tissues and wine)

Here are 6 great gift ideas for the fabulous and hard-working teachers in your kid’s lives:

1. Beautiful Plants


Plants are WAY better than flowers because they have the potential to last forever, if taken care of. If they can come with a cute message and pot that your child has helped to paint themselves, it will be even more special.

2. A Coffee Gift Card


What hard-working teacher doesn’t deserve the gift of free coffee? A cute way to dress it up is to grab an empty cup when in the coffee shop, add some confetti, ribbon and pop the card inside – good to go!

3. A Summer Send-Off


Summer time is the one true break time for teachers, until prepping for September kicks in. So I love this idea of putting a Summer Relaxation Pack together: think flip-flops, a great book, some sunnies, a few sweets, a beach towel.. you could pick the lot up in Boots or Penneys relatively cheaply.

4. A L’il Vino


A really well-selected bottle of wine can be just the trick for weary teachers at the end of the school year – they totally deserve to chill out when June comes around! You can present the bottle(s) in tonnes of different ways – a pretty wooden box or grab some cheeses and crackers to make a hamper. We love the printable appreciation tags above too!

5. Homemade Treats


I always love to try to bake something for a gift if I have the time, and since donuts are all the rage these days, a box of yummy donuts might actually be the winner this year! How cute is the ‘Donut What I’d Do Without You’ message? Aww!

6. Anything Personal


Teachers will always be touched by something that has been personally put together by their students. If that is a picture of their painted handprints, a card that they have written themselves, a little video message that they can keep forever, that is up to you.

But the memories will last a lifetime.

Have any great teacher’s gifts ideas to share? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.