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15th Feb 2019

This Facebook post is wonderful and something that all mums should read

Melissa Carton

As mums, we rarely cut ourselves any slack.

We try to take on everything but often feel like we’re not doing enough.

I came across a Facebook post and it really made me stop and think and it’s something that every mum should read today.

Posted by online personalities Cat & Nat the post reads;

“To all the moms who don’t know their value, to all the moms who aren’t valued, to all the moms who day after day and night after go through the motions without a single person saying thank you and may or may not have a partner who understands your value……

YOU are the one who will make sure that every single one of your little people are safe and loved, YOU are the one that will most likely make sure that everyone is where they are suppose to be and have organized every activity , form, playdate, teacher interview, after school activity, every meal, every requirement for those dang spirit days (btw we haven’t got this one right ever), field trip volunteer, homework, outfits, hair, laundry, and on and on and on…….YOU are the one who may feel like you are all wrong and hanging on by a thread, YOU are the one that smiles when no one else is, YOU are the one cheering them on when no one is cheering you on, YOU are the one reminding them exactly how amazing they all are, YOU are the one that can never be replaced because YOU are THEIR one.

To every mom, you are completely and most utterly so amazing…and even though maybe no one else gets it every single one of us moms do. So to all the moms you are the most valuable❤️❤️ and don’t forget to remind other moms that they are simply incredible because we will always have each other”

It’s not the first time that the mum duo has posted about mothers looking after each other as they aim to promote positive mental health for all parents.

After spending the last couple of mornings battling a cold while also fighting with my toddler to put clothes on before she leaves the house, coming across this post really helped me take a step back and give myself a break.

If like me it’s just not been your week remember mums you can’t do it all but you definitely always do enough.