What falls under 5km limit and lockdown rules: school, childcare and co-parenting 1 year ago

What falls under 5km limit and lockdown rules: school, childcare and co-parenting

The new lockdown rules will come into effect tonight.

While this second lockdown is similar to the first, with the closure of all non-essential retail and restricted travel within a 5km radius schools and childcare facilities will remain open.

As schools and creches did not remain open the first time around it has led some parents to worry that if their child's school or creche is not within 5km that they can not attend.

Parents who co-parent are also concerned for what the new restrictions will mean in regards to their visitation rights.

Here's what we do know when it comes to the new 5km rules in regards to schools and creches.

Like medical appointments, work and food shopping education and childcare are considered essential and will therefore not fall under the 5km rule.


If your child's school or creche is more than 5km from your home they can still attend as the 5km rule only applies to exercise and non essential travel.

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In regards to visitation rights for those who are co-parenting The Law Society of Ireland has published updated guidance, outlining how visitation and court orders will work during lockdown.

According to Citizens Information;

"The guidance is clear that public health restrictions could not be used as an excuse to ignore a court order and that existing orders should be complied with as much as possible in the circumstances.

However, parents should always make decisions in the best interests of the child involved, particularly if the child has a compromised immune system.

The best outcome for children is for parents to contact each other to set out their concerns and suggest ideas for practical solutions that can be put in place. Any changes to existing court orders should be documented in a text or email so that there is a written record for future reference."

For more information regarding co-parenting rights you can read more on the Citizens Information website.