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08th Dec 2016

This GENIUS Product Is Perfect For Babyproofing Your Christmas Tree (And It’s Made In Ireland)

Laura Holland

Here's how to keep a real Christmas tree fresh and prevent it from becoming a fire hazard

It is the perfect solution for homes with children, pets or babies who have a fascination with Christmas tree lights.

Irish company, Dearg Designs have come up with a brilliantly simple solution to stop your little elves pulling down the Christmas tree.

The company has designed this pretty picket fence for trees which will act as a guard while also enhancing the decoration of the tree itself.

They shared a picture of their Christmas Tree Picket Fences on Facebook and the reaction has been hugely positive.

Dearg Design Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.18.32

Rory, the owner of the company told us the idea came from a friend of his. He said:

“The idea came from a friend who has two small kids and had just put up their Christmas tree which was being relieved of any decorations within reach of the little hands and also from having a small puppy at home who had a fascination with trying to knock over our tree at every attempt.”

The company is based in Wexford and their picket fences, which are made to order, can be viewed in person at The Bullring Market this weekend. They also make handmade Christmas decoration and personalised Christmas signs using recycled pallets and firewood.

The perfect barrier for little jingle hands!