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17th Jan 2017

So This Is The Going Rate For An Irish Tooth Fairy Visit…

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Remember when a lost tooth resulted in a 20p under your pillow? Yeah, well the tooth fairy has raised her prices significantly since then. 

But exactly how much is the average Irish kid collecting for each fallen fang?

A straw poll of our readers resulted in a surprisingly clear verdict on the matter.

While most readers fell into the ‘€2 per tooth’ category, the €5 per tooth fairies were a close second, with many kids receiving €5 for the first tooth and €2 per tooth thereafter.

In some households, the tooth fairy simply refuses to visit if the child’s room is messy, while other fairies have strong feelings on dental hygiene: if teeth aren’t being scrubbed on a nightly basis, they won’t be popping around until things improve.

Here are a few of the best quotes:

Sara Maher’s tooth fairy has very high standards…


While Andrina McLeod’s local fairy won’t work under certain conditions…


Meanwhile Natasha Cox admits she may have been overcharged…


And Jennifer Christine McKeon reveals the lengths kids will go to for sugar… 


Looks like the boom is back if you’re a tooth fairy. Tell us what yours charges on Twitter @HerFamilydotie.


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