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30th Mar 2018

Gorgeous Easter crafts that you MUST try with the kids!

Sharyn Hayden

Why not drag down the make and do box and get busy with these cute Easter crafts ideas?

Here are 3 of the cutest Easter-inspired crafts that we have sourced just for you and the kiddos:

1. Stick Chicks!


(Via Crafty

How cute are these?

All you need to do is:

A) Eat lots of ice pops and save the sticks

B) Glue them together and get the kids to to paint them in yellow

C) Cut out the beaks and feet from another colour paper

D) Stick them and some googly eyes on in the right places

E) Cut out a tuff of cute hair and some wings and stick them on too

F) Hang them on the wall to be enjoyed or even make a nice card for someone you love from them.

2. Chocolate Chick Cartons


(Via Paper Plate And Plane)

Easter craft-making that also involves chocolate eggs? Winner!

These will be a huge hit with the little ones:

A) Cut out two cups from an egg carton and glue a strip of paper to act as a hinge that will hold them together

B) Get the kids to paint them in a lovely bright yellow

C) Use a black pen or marker to draw in little eyes

D) Cut out some beaks and feet shapes to glue on

E) Ditto with the yellow wings

F) Fill with chocolate eggs or other Easter treats

G) Try to stop the kids from eating them all in one go

3. Paper Easter Cones


(Via Happy

So clearly we need to stock up on googly eyes for all of our Easter projects!

These are lovely though, because you can fill them with little treats and hang them around the house for a gorgeous Spring colours explosion.

Here’s what you need to do:

A) Use scrap paper to make the cone, glue in place

B) Add any decorations that you see fit for chicks, rabbits or carrots!

C) Use a hole-puncher to put a hole in either side at the top and thread ribbon through to act as a handle

D) Stuff with pretty tissue paper or colourful grass

E) Sneak some delicious treats in there

F) Hang them (not TOO high) up!