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29th Dec 2016

Is Your Mate A New Mum? Here Are 5 AMAZING Things To Do For Her

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Giving birth is a magical experience, but those first months caring for a tiny human being can take their toll on your health, both mentally and physically.

When you’re in the trenches (sleep deprived, stressed out, disoriented, teary) the smallest gesture can make it seem like the clouds have parted and an angel has appeared in the kitchen holding a huge Americano and proffering an enormous bag of Minstrels.

Only a best mate or sister knows a new mum well enough to drop by unannounced or scrub the bathroom without being asked, so once all the other visitors have been and gone, make sure you’re ready, willing and able to help out.

Here are five ways to do it:

Keep her in mind

Even if you’re busy with your own family or having a hectic time at work, it’s the little things that count. Send your new mum mate a cheery text message first thing in the morning, or give er a call while you’re in the supermarket to see if she needs anything picked up.

Family grocery shopping

The Amount of Serotonin In Your Body

The amount of serotonin your body is dependent on the amount of oxygen you inhale. Boost your oxygen levels by getting out in the fresh air and you’ll boost your serotonin, which will lighten your mood  and promote a sense of happiness.

It’s simple, it’s free and it works wonders: even if the two of you only walk to the end of your street and back again, getting some fresh air can make the world of difference to how you’re feeling. Invite your new mum mate for a stroll in the local park, then hit the cafe for a caffeine fix afterwards.

Newborn in baby sling carrier

Book her a blow-dry

When breast pumps and nipple cream and nappy bins are the order of the day, there’s little time for staring in the mirror trying to perfect a bouncy curly blow-dry. Booking an appointment for a mate at a local salon (while you hit the sofa with the new arrival) will have the dual effect of giving her 30 minutes to herself, a head massage during the rinse and a shiny new ‘do to enjoy for the next two days.

Hairdresser Beauty Studio

Volunteer your time

Anyone can bring a baby gift or send a card to welcome the new arrival, but a real mate will turn up to sit with your baby while you sleep, have a shower or sit in the bath for 20 minutes. Make sure your friend knows you’re just a phone call away.

You are my sunshine!


All too often, well-meaning friends and family members bombard the new parents with advice instead of simply offering a listening ear while they vent their frustrations. Grab a cuppa, sit back and try to empathise and understand instead of attempting to solve every little problem.

Break from the shopping in a coffee place