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27th Aug 2016

Have Any Budding Star Gazers At Home? They’ll Love This Tonight!

Sharyn Hayden

It’s the last weekend before the school term starts back, and amidst all the kerfuffle around getting uniforms ready, packing bags and planning lunches, it might be nice to take a little moment tonight as a family to just.. gaze at the stars.

Our five-year-old is currently obsessed with the stars – he wants to know absolutely everything he can get his hands on in terms of information about them.

We’ve spent a lot of time lately helping him to understand how they ‘come out’ at night and his godfather, my brother, is even in the process of gifting him with a telescope.

So he is thrilled silly about the news that there is a special event happening in our says tonight.

At sundown, Jupiter and Venus will be the closest to each other that they will ever be again for another 40 years.

If you fancy catching the moment, it is advised that you look down to the left of where the sun is setting this evening.

David Moore from Astronomy Ireland says that it is normally quite easy to pick up Venus at that point, but because Jupiter will be so close to it, it may be difficult to separate the two tonight.

“Normally Jupiter is very bright and easy to see, but it will be so close to Venus that you might not be able to split them, they are that close together.”

Binoculars at the ready, everyone!

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