Hayfever? Twitter users swear this common household remedy works 1 year ago

Hayfever? Twitter users swear this common household remedy works

Runny nose, streaming eyes, constant sneezing.

Summer is beautiful and most of us spend all winter longing for these brighter, warmer days – but for hayfever sufferers, this is often not the case.

As temperatures rise, so does the pollen count – and – for anyone suffering with hayfever – the suffering.

Instead of being able to soak up the season, you spend it sneezing and with swollen eyes. Not ideal.

However – some clever people on the internet have shared a nifty little hack to try out if you – or your little ones – are suffering from hayfever.

The answer? Vaseline.

Yep – according to Twitter, this really works.


How does Vaseline work for hayfever?

How does this common household item help you ask?

According to hayfever sufferers online, the trick with using Vaseline to ease the dreaded symptoms of hay fever is to apply a layer to the insides of your nostrils – and even some outside your nostrils as well.  And not just at the end of your nose either – the higher up the better.

Vaseline is then believed to act as a barrier balm and can physically stop the pollen from entering your nasal passage.

It might sound (and no doubt feel) a little strange but hay fever sufferers are all for it and have been sharing their love for the hack all over social media.

What else can you do to relieve hayfever?

Vaseline isn't the only natural trick for stopping hay fever symptoms in their tracks.

Allergy UK's Nurse Advisor, Holly Shaw, told Netmums, 'There's lots you can do to stop pollen getting in your system and causing the allergic reaction in the first place. These methods don't require taking medicine so it's well worth trying them.'

Natural remedies and hacks include:

  • wearing sunglasses to keep pollen from entering your eyes
  • wearing a hat
  • closing your windows
  • watching the pollen forecast
  • drying your washing indoors
  • check your car is fitted with pollen filters.