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03rd Oct 2017

Heidi Montag gave birth surrounded by €23k worth of healing crystals

Yeah, so did we like, why are you bragging about it?

Jade Hayden

Isn’t that how all births go down?

Over the weekend, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt welcomed their first child into the world.

Baby Gunner Stone weighed almost 7lbs and already has his own Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account thanks to dad Spencer.

It’s safe to say that that baby has some big things coming for him in the future… Most of them being reality TV and social media related, probably.

Winter is Coming ? @maddiecordoba ? @radstella ? @kendyyy ? @cakedbycatt

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After the birth, Spencer wasted no time telling multiple news agencies about all the plans he has for Gunner Stone… one of which involved supporting his newborn son’s hypothetical relationship with Kylie Jenner’s unborn child.

Though he did say that he’d give his blessing whether the Jenner baby was a boy or a girl so I guess we do have to give him credit for inclusivity.

And yesterday, Spencer took to Twitter to share some more information about his son – most notably that he was born surrounded by $27,000 (€23,000) worth of healing crystals.

Yes, really.

Spencer is a big fan of the healing qualities of precious gems and he has not been quiet about this fact.

Last year, he admitted to People magazine that he had spent an incredible $1 million on the stones.


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He even has a pic of them as his cover photo on Twitter.

For real.

heidi montag

Gunner Stone entered the world at 3.06pm on Sunday afternoon.

He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and the strongest American name you’re bound to find this side of the Atlantic.

New dad Spencer described the day as “the most lit” of his life.