He's back! 10 easy peasy Elf return ideas to kick off December with 2 years ago

He's back! 10 easy peasy Elf return ideas to kick off December with

Not to send you into panic mode, parents, but do you know what next Tuesday is?

Yes – it's Scout Elf Return Day – which, if you are in possession of an Elf on Shelf, means that this is when your kids' elf returns back from the North Pole to stay with his human family for the holiday season again.

Are you ready for it?

Anyway, to get us all started on a great elf season, we have rounded up 10 easy (yet bound to impress the kids) ideas for just HOW your elf can make his entrance this time around:

1. Waiting outside the door

Just imagine how excited they'll be to find him there! However, keep in mind – as you are not meant to touch your elf, this could cause some issues if you actually have to leave your house that morning...

2. His back – and he brought cookies



3. Sliding into the season

The elf is back – and he is ready for some winter fun!

4. Sticky situation

He's back – and already in a bit of trouble...

5. Welcome back breakfast


He's so happy to be back with his human family that he made everyone breakfast!

6. Great landing

If your tree is up in time for December 1st, well there is no better place for elf to land, we think.

7. Can you see me?

Let the hide-and-seek begin!


8. He's in the wreath of course!

Elves love holiday cheer, so where better for him to land?

9. He's back to work!

Christmas is coming and your elf is back on the job!

10. Sweet return

Look who's back, back in town.