Hilary Duff says she struggles to help her son with his homework and we get it 2 years ago

Hilary Duff says she struggles to help her son with his homework and we get it

I know exactly what she means.

Since my child started school I can now see why the adults in my family had a look of terror in their eyes when I used to ask for help with my own homework.

My son is only in second class and already I'm on google looking up the answers and don't even start me on the new way that they pronounce the alphabet.


It seems that not even celebrity parents are immune from the terror of their child asking for help with their homework as Hilary Duff recently admitted.

The 32-year-old mother of two says that she struggles to help her seven-year-old son with his homework.

Duff recently posted to Instagram admitting that she's often stumped on how to help Luca with his second grade school work.


"This guy with his spirit and kindness?Homework is already no joke in 2nd grade. I stopped going to “real” school in 3rd grade so I’m actually doomed... I am left scratching my head alll the time looking at his homework and I’m terrified for next year! Although Singapore math is the shit....also learned a lot about tick birds this week."

Duff references the fact that she was taken out of traditional school at a young age so she could pursue her acting career.

The singer and actress starred in her first movie when she was only 11-years-old and was later homeschooled on the set of Lizzie McGuire.

I do not have the excuse of being distracted by a successful acting career as a reason for my struggles with my son's homework. I'm putting all the blame on the new phonetics.

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