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04th Jan 2021

Holly Willoughby’s advice for preventing head lice is worth trying (if you haven’t already)

Melissa Carton

You can see her point.

One thing that all parents dread is getting the letter home from school to say that there has been a head lice outbreak.

My son’s school had only just started back last September and low and behold there was already a warning letter.

The majority of boys have shorter hair and even if they do catch lice, it’s relatively easy to deal with.

With longer hair not so much and it’s something I worry about when my daughter, who already has shoulder length hair starts school next year.

TV presenter Holly Willoughby is very strict when it comes to her daughter always wearing her hair up.

During a chat on This Morning, the mum of three said it’s something that she absolutely insists on in an effort to prevent her daughter catching head lice.

Belle, her little girl, wants to wear her hair down but Holly insists it is always tied up because she hates getting the “dreaded letter” home from the school.

When I was in primary school you had to have your hair tied up if it was longer than bob length, but I’m not sure if that type of rule is enforced anymore.

I’ve a feeling that when my daughter does start school, I will have a battle on my hands to tie her hair up as she loves wearing her curls loose but I’m with Holly on this one.

I’d rather have a little bit of giving out in the morning than spend hours with lice lotion and combs.