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18th Jul 2018

If your child is a doctor in the making they are going to love this teddy bear event

When I was a little girl I loved visiting the Doll’s Hospital on George’s street in Dublin.

I would press myself up against the glass enamoured with the vintage teddy bears.

I’ve always been a big teddy bear girl and still have a fair few of them sitting snugly on my bed, so needless to say this super cute event for children and their bears caught my eye the moment it popped up in my home feed.

Designed for children aged between four and ten years of age, attendees will be able to have their plush pals checked over by the top teddy bear specialists.

Located in Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre, the Elastoplast Teddy Bear Hospital will run from July 19 to 22.

The hospital will be using the top technology, including virtual reality, to run check-ups on all the furry friends in attendance.

Part of the Curiosity Carnival, running during the Festival of Curiosity 2018, not only will your ticket allow your child to be a doctor for a day, they can also take part in Lego building, crafts and be working with playable electronics.

Tickets are only €4 per person attending, which is a bargain considering all the activities available.

Booking in advance can be done through the Festival of Curiosity’s website.