"I'm speaking in Spinach" - We Love When Kids Get It Wrong! 6 years ago

"I'm speaking in Spinach" - We Love When Kids Get It Wrong!

My four-year-old son Jacob has a best friend in pre-school called Ethan, whose mum is Irish and dad is Spanish. And because Ethan can speak in Spanish as well as English, Jacob thinks he can too.. the poor lamb..

During the summer, I brought him to see the new Minions movie. It was a mammy-son date that we had looked forward to for ages, and so we bought all the goodies and snuggled down on the big seats to enjoy this fun time together.

As it was Jacob's first real trip to the cinema, he didn't quite last for the entire hour and a half, finding it a bit too loud towards the end and so we ducked out (I was devo, of course, because the movie all kinds of hilarious).

Despite leaving early, the Minions left a long-lasting impression on my son. A really annoying one. He started speaking in Minion.

No matter what I asked him, for example, 'would you like a snack?', the answer was 'Banana'.

- Would you like porridge or cornflakes for breakfast?

- Banana

- How did you get on at school today?


- Banana

Banana. Banana. I am actually driven BANANAS.

The Minions language itself is said to be a hybrid of various languages; English, Japanese, French and Korean, but because of his best pal, Jacob has attached himself to the Spanish sounding elements and has decided that it is his new language of choice.

When I asked him why he was speaking to me in a funny way, he sighed and answered;

"I'm speaking in Spinach, mummy. Just like Ethan".


What funny things do your kids say to you? Send them in to Sharyn.Hayden@HerFamily.ie - I'd love to read them!