This iPhone hack that will alert you if your baby is crying 9 months ago

This iPhone hack that will alert you if your baby is crying

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I remember when I was a new mum being terrified that I wouldn't hear my baby crying while I was asleep.

It felt like every couple of minutes I was jumping out of my sleep because I thought I heard something and honestly I had myself wrecked.

It's a worry that a lot of new parents have but if you have an iPhone there is actually a little trick you can do to alert yourself of your baby crying and it's actually really handy.

If you go into your phone's >settings and then go to >accessibility you will see an option under the >hearing section for 'Sound Recognition'.

After you turn Sound Recognition on you will see an option where you can choose what sounds to recognise.

There are several sounds that you can choose to recognise but among them you will find >Baby Crying.


Simply switch on the Baby Crying option and your phone will then alert you if it detects that your child is crying at any point during the night (or even during the day if you're having a nap).

It's also a great feature to set up on a phone if you or someone looking after your child is hard of hearing.

From having a look at the Android phones in my house it does not seem to be a feature in their accessibility sections.

This may just be the types of Androids that we have so even if you don't have an iPhone I would still recommend checking your phone settings to see if this option is available.

If it is available on your phone it is a very handy feature and one that I wish I had known about when my children were still babies.