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05th May 2015

Two by Two hits cinemas this week. Here’s an EXCLUSIVE clip…

Katie Mythen-Lynch

The story of dad and son, Dave and Finny who find themselves out at sea when Noah’s Ark leaves without them, Two by Two hits the cinema screens this week.

Finny and his dad are both Nestrians, a breed not welcome on the Ark, and hatch a plan to disguise themselves as Grymps to gain access.

Meanwhile, on board, the parents must set aside their differences to turn the boat around and make it back in time to rescue their kids.

The film, which features the voices of Chris Evans and Tara Flynn, is co-produced by Galway company Moetion Films together with studios in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Sure, the plot is more than a little similar to Finding Nemo, but if you loved that film, you’ll enjoy this too.