Irish Mums on What It Was Like To Bring Baby Home For the First Time 7 years ago

Irish Mums on What It Was Like To Bring Baby Home For the First Time

These are some of the emotions you feel when you bring baby home from hospital for the first time:

Ecstatic. Nervous. Bewildered. Thrilled. Relieved. Elated. Scared. Weary. Happy. In Love.

Anything you can think of, you will most likely feel it.

When we brought our first child, Jacob, home, I remember feeling quite strong and sure that I was going to rock this parenting journey but I was also terrified to leave the midwives behind who knew so much more than I did.


When we brought out daughter home, I was an emotional wreck and remained so for weeks and weeks afterwards!

We asked other parents how they felt on that very first day when they brought baby home, and here's what they said:


"The feeling of getting out of there - I'd been in for six weeks at that point and I really wanted to just start our new normal life in our home with my new baby and his Daddy. Let's ignore the following morning "Can we bring him back to the midwives" comments..." - Lisa, Cork

"Amidst the haze of "Holy shit, a person just came out of me and now we are in charge of keeping him alive!!"?.. the feeling of walking through that front door, having left an apartment and arriving back to a family home to start our new life as a little threesome" - Emma, Wexford

"That feeling of being home and your family complete!" - Melissa, North County Dublin


"Seeing the grandparents faces and introducing her to her big brother" - Niamh, Tralee

"No interference from anyone, just me, dad and baby. Just sitting watching him together" - Amanda, Dublin

"Being able to have a bath in a clean bathroom. And what everyone else expressed.. just being home with your tiny person" - Olive, Dublin

"Being able to decide when you ate your breakfast, lunch and dinner" - Ellen, Waterford

"Knowing that we would both get extra cuddles and kisses whenever we wanted and not have to wait for visiting hours in the hospital :) home comforts and letting everyone see and welcome the new baby properly in our own surroundings" - Mary, Wicklow

"My two best friends had a whole lunch brought into my house -  batch bread, pots of tea, salads, ham, chicken, cakes, the works. And with my new boy Bowie in his moses basket we all sat down (with the builder who was laying my patio) and scoffed the lot. Then I was put to bed with baby to watch TV and have a sneaky vodka while my besties scrubbed the house after the builder had left. Best friends ever" - Rachel, Dublin

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