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07th Nov 2018

Kathryn Thomas plans to tell her daughter about her two miscarriages

Melissa Carton

Kathryn Thomas pens sweet message to baby Ellie to mark six weeks

TV presenter, Kathryn Thomas has recently stated that she intends to tell her daughter about her miscarriages.

The Irish TV personality had two miscarriages before giving birth to baby Ellie and does not plan to hide her struggle to conceive from her daughter.

Kathryn Thomas pens sweet message to baby Ellie to mark six weeks

The 39-year-old Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin were overjoyed by the arrival of Ellie earlier this year after losing two previous pregnancies.

According to The Irish Mirror, when it comes to the subject of telling Ellie about her miscarriages Kathryn has said;

“Yes, definitely. No more than why I did the Late Late Show, I think it’s really important to talk about it, albeit horrifically sad it is.
All losses are different to different people but I think for me I had to view it as a very real part of pregnancy and something I was allowed to be sad about, with no stigma.”

'Every day I’m excited': Kathryn Thomas's sweet post as baby Ellie hits 6 months

Approximately 14,000 Irish women experience miscarriages every year, with many doing so in silence, but with those in the public eye speaking more openly about this loss, it is becoming easier for others to express their grief.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this issue you can contact Feileacain for more information and support.