Katie Price flew to the Maldives... but had to leave her child at the airport 5 years ago

Katie Price flew to the Maldives... but had to leave her child at the airport

Appearing on Loose Women yesterday, Katie Price shocked a lot of viewers by admitting she recently left her daughter at an airport.

The model and entrepreneur explained that arriving for a planned getaway to the Maldives, she then realised her nine-year-old child's passport wasn't in order.

Speaking candidly 38-year-old Katie, a mum-of-five, explained: "I was flying abroad, obviously with all the kids and then the guy behind the counter asked, 'Which one is Princess, she can’t fly'."

She added that her eldest daughter's passport was due to expire in five months; travellers are required to have at least six months left on their documents for international travel outside Europe.


"I told them we’ve all got to fly together, but they said she won’t be allowed to," Ms Price continued. She was furthermore told that the next available flight for the family-of-seven was another week away - so she made the decision to leave Princess with a family member and jet off with her four other children: Harvey, Junior, Bunny, and Jett.

Explaining her decision, Katie stated: "There were no other flights the rest of the week where we could get seven seats so I had to leave her with a family member.

"She got on another plane with another airline the next day and it was fine."

She received a mixed response in the aftermath - but actually a lot of mums applauded her common-sense approach to the situation.

Moral of the story? Check the passport expiry dates of your family's passports!