Kristen Bell has best response to question about mums 'doing it all' 4 years ago

Kristen Bell has best response to question about mums 'doing it all'

Kristen Bell is just lovely.

She played the fab lead in Veronica Mars for years and now she's the voice of Princess Anna in Frozen. 

Bell is also mum to two girls and, as expected, she is usually asked how she 'juggles' her career and motherhood, how it feels to 'have it all,' and where she finds 'balance' in her everyday life.

All stand, typical questions for celeb mums.

All totally redundant.

As it turns out, Bell does have an answer to this question - and it's about as real as it gets.

When asked by Redbook magazine what she thinks about these kinds of questions, Bell had this to say:

"Being asked 'How do you do it?' implies that a) I am doing it, which I am not. I am doing what everybody else is doing, which is trying their best, and b) What is a balance, anyway?

A balance teeter-totters. It moves, something gives and other things take, and other days it might be the opposite."

kristen bell


Go on Kristen!

Rather than giving the usual spiel about how it's tough being a mum but she manages to deal with all of the stress and still be a hardcore Super Mum at the end of the day etc, Bell has actually given a real-life response that so many of us can relate to.

That being that everyone is doing their own thing and there is no right way to be a parent.


The actress also had some great things to say about not being perfect and showing off your flaws.

"Humans want nothing more than to be accepted, and I'm no different. That doesn't happen by presenting perfection.

I believe in showing your dirty hands and your bumps and bruises and your faults, because that's what makes people feel connected and isn't that kind of the purpose of, you know, being on earth?"

Bell gave birth to daughters Lincoln and Delta in 2013 and 2014.

She has been married to fellow actor Dax Shepard for almost five years. The couple originally agreed to delay their wedding until same-sex marriage was legal in California.

Bell has also spoken about Lincoln and Delta, saying that she loves being a mum to two girls.

"I love having girls. The truest thing in life is that girls rule, boys drool."