Kristen Bell's parenting trick is one that we all need to know about 3 years ago

Kristen Bell's parenting trick is one that we all need to know about

Parenting is one big, long 'you live and learn' learning curve.

Nobody is an expert (even if they say they are) and we all pretty much just learn as we go, picking up advice and tricks as we go.

Some of these turn out to be real nuggets of gold, like the tip actress Kristen Bell previously shared on her Instagram account – a parenting hack so next level it might even end up saving your child's life someday.

So, what’s the secret?


Next time you are stopping the car, whether at home or in a busy car park, and you might have items to unload or have to reach back into the car for something, yell “hands on the circle!” — the circle being your car's petrol cap.

Teach them this is super-important, to keep their hands on the circle until you tell them it is safe to take it off – heck, make it a game. And then voilà, you don’t have to worry about them running out into the road or getting away from you until you are ready to walk with them.

Bell admits it was her sister-in-law who invented this brilliant idea, and as we love anything that can make a mum's life a little less stressful we're simply going to say THANK YOU for this totally genius tip.

It's not a new tip but it's a very important one nonetheless and we figure that is reason enough to share with other mums.