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16th May 2023

The latest episode of ‘Bluey’ shows heartbreaking revelation about Chilli

Ellen Fitzpatrick


‘Bluey’ fans were given a new shocking revelation during the latest episode of the children’s show, and many viewers have theories about Chilli.

Following the latest episode in the Australian hit series, fans were left convinced that Chilli is suffering from depression after noticing some subtle signs.

In the episode “Relax”, the family head off on a beach holiday. When Bluey asks his mum what her book is called, she replies: “It’s about how to be happy.”

Chilli is also seen trying to unwind on the beach and later tells her husband, Bandit, that it’s “harder than it looks”.

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Fans of the show are now coming to the conclusion that Chilli is “trying to find herself again” after becoming a mum, which is something so many can relate to.

Many mums have taken to social media to share that they often feel the same as Chilli and feel as if they’ve given part of themselves up after having children.

TikToker @Asheleyspam posted a video after watching the episode, showing herself crying after what she had seen.

One person wrote in the comments: “I think she’s like a lot of mums trying to find herself love again after kids.”

While another added: “I relate to her in so many ways. I’ve tried so many times to just relax without my kids but I cant. I can’t even go on a date with my husband.

“I can’t relax without thinking about our kids, wanting to go back to them, or thinking about everything that needs to be done.”

Other mums have a different theory about the episode and think that maybe Chilli miscarried and her behaviour is reflecting the aftermath of dealing with such a traumatic event.


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