Lazing on a sunny afternoon: Top 5 games for the garden 8 years ago

Lazing on a sunny afternoon: Top 5 games for the garden

On the rare occasion when the sun shines in this country it is absolutely imperative to seize the day and get outside at once.

Outside play is important for parents as it tires kids out, allows them to make a mess and allows parents sanctioned afternoon lounging in the garden. We rounded up the best garden games with varying degrees of parental effort required. From the simple Balloon Bashing to the slightly more mentally demanding Bananagram. Enjoy.

Lawn Scrabble (aka Bananagram)

A giant game of Bananagram will stimulate young minds. If you are not familiar with the game click here for the rules of Bananagram


Via Constantly Lovestruck

Garden Twister

This is fun, looks cool and could continue to amuse long after the kids have gone to bed *seedy wink*





Via She Knows for full tutorial visit here.

Target practise

Cut holes in a tarp or sheet, allocate points to each target and hang across the garden. Beware of flying objects.


DIY Giant Jenga

This giant Jenga does require a bit of effort to make but the returns (hours of undisturbed peace while the littlies play) are totally worth it. Visit A Beautiful Mess for full tutorial.


Via A Beautiful Mess

Balloony Tunes

A bag of balloons. So simple and so fun.