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30th Dec 2022

Little girl heartbroken after only two people show up at her birthday for odd reason


A little girl was left heartbroken when she only got two RSVPs to her birthday party – and the reason behind it is baffling.

Her mum took to the internet for advice and to see if she was right to be annoyed after the incident.

She explained on Mumsnet that they had sent home the invitations to her daughter’s classmates with three weeks’ notice.

But when her husband ran into one of the parents, he asked if the child was looking forward to the birthday party.

And that’s where things took an awfully bizarre turn.

She wrote:

“DDs [Darling Daughter] party is soon. We sent invitations home with the relevant children giving people three weeks notice. Had two responses.

“DH [Darling Husband] dropped DD off at school this morning and bumped into one of the parents so asked if their DC [Darling Child] was looking forward to the party.

“And this is when we discovered that there has apparently been a bit of confusion with the invitations.
“DD has an unusual name tbf and people weren’t sure whose party their DC was being invited to!

“AIBU [Am I Being Unreasonable] to think they could’ve checked if they were confused? Asked the school? Contacted me?

“My phone number is on the invitations. Something other than just ignore the invitation. I don’t know if they were/are going to show up at the playcentre on the day. I presume not.”

Other parents were equally confused by the situation, with some branding the excuse as “feeble”.

One person wrote:

“I’m confused, as are several PPs.

“Your child’s name is unusual so cannot be confused with anyone else.

“Unless your child has a school nickname and you used her home name on the invites.”

Someone else added:

“A couple of years ago DS had a party for his 6th birthday: we invited the whole class – all 27 of them – and less than half responded yes or no.

“3 turned up who I hadn’t heard from, and 3 didn’t respond til either the night before the party or the morning of.

“And they’d had 3 weeks to get organised. So this sort of thing really doesn’t surprise me, and it probably had nothing to do with the name.”

Another parent commented:

“My son has an extremely unusual name and we’ve never had problems with party invites not being acknowledged as a result.

“In fact, for us it always seems to work the opposite way; I would expect there to be more confusion when there are several children with the same name in a class, as them they might not know which Ava or Oliver has given them an invite?”