Whose job is it to look after the mums when we are ill anyway? 3 years ago

Whose job is it to look after the mums when we are ill anyway?

Colds. We all get them.

I'm currently in the midst of a head cold but there's very little time to feel sorry for myself, especially when I have to look after everyone else's runny noses before my own.

It's times like these that I miss being a child and having unlimited sympathy and cuddles whenever I had a snuffle. Now I have to be the given rather than the receiver and some days it's easier said than done.

Seriously though, is there anyone out there to look after the mums when we're ill? I'm sure I'm not the only mum out there that feels like she never gets a sick day.

Whenever my husband is sick he pulls down the blinds and lies in bed all day feeling very sorry for himself and I often wonder what that must be like because it never happens for me.

Even if I take the day off work I don't get to have a quiet rest because the children always find me. Not only do they find me but they ask me to do everything even if their dad is fit and healthy and only a few feet away.


My sick bed becomes the best place to play and there's been many a close call when I've been dying and queasy with the flu and my kids decide to jump on the bed.

I feel like there needs to be some sort of protocol for when mum is sick.

That we need a friend or someone to come along and take charge in our stead, like a maid of honour to a bride on her wedding day. The friend equivalent of JustEat where I can have Mary Poppins turn up at my door to give me a spoonful of sugar and bring the kids for a walk so I can sleep.

At the moment it feels like I'm walking in a daze. Someone asked me my name earlier and I couldn't remember. Nevertheless when I get home I won't be having a nice cup of tea and a lie down but instead running around after my toddler who has stolen her brother's homework and maybe having an alright, lukewarm cup of tea.

So I ask again, whose job is it to look after the mums when they are ill and if you find out can you send them over to my house?