The 'Love Button' is a a gorgeous idea for the first few days back at school 10 months ago

The 'Love Button' is a a gorgeous idea for the first few days back at school

Is your child heading to school next week?

Whether you child is starting school for the first time, making the transition from primary to secondary or even just heading back after the summer break, the first week back can be stressful.

New beginnings, new people, new teacher. It can all be a bit over whelming, especially if your child is prone to feeling anxious.

If your child is worried about heading back to school next week, this little trick might help to put their mind at ease (and your mind too).

The Love Button is a simple but really effective trick that helps children feel less afraid during their return to school.

All you have to do is draw a little love heart on their wrist or arm, and anytime they are feeling stressed or worried they can press it.


Let them know that when they press the love button you will receive their message.

You can also draw a Love Button on your wrist and assure them that you are both connected and that when they press their Love Button you will be pressing yours too, to return love to them and let them know that they are not alone.

It can always be a bit nerve wrecking for both children and parents when the new term rolls around.

They're worried about finding their place and fitting in and you're worried about how they're going to get on.

This simple trick is a great way to relieve anxiety for them, and maybe a little bit for us parents too, because we know that if they're feeling ok, that's all that matters.

Both of my children are heading back to school next week so I might give the Love Button trick a try myself if they're feeling apprehensive about their first day back.