Man wants to divorce his wife for having a second child 3 years ago

Man wants to divorce his wife for having a second child

A dad is being torn apart online after he admitted that he wants to divorce his wife for having a second child.

In his Reddit thread, the man explained that he began to resent his wife after she got pregnant again - and that things had been bad between them since the baby was born two years ago.

The anonymous dad-of-two explained that he "discovered" he didn't like being a father following the birth of their first child, as he doesn't feel he is "good" at it.

"I told my wife I never wanted to have another kid," he explained.

As their little one grew up, he said he began looking forward to spending more time with his wife, "without a kid around" and being able to do "more interesting things" with their first born.

His post continued:

"Then, my wife got pregnant and we discussed our options. We made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. But the day before the appointment, I feel she guilted me into cancelling the appointment.

"She was concerned about the physical and mental consequences.

"Now, two years on after the brith of our second, I still resent my wife. I find myself being annoyed by things she does that used to not bother me. I feel like I love our kids more than I love her."

Many of the commenters were quick to point out that the guy should not be blaming his wife.

Some people pointed out that if he didn't want a second child, there were other routes he could've taken to ensure that.


"She didn’t guilt you into cancelling the appointment - SHE cancelled it because it was ultimately her choice to make. You should’ve had a vasectomy if you were that adamant," someone wrote.

Another person

"If you absolutely 100 per cent didn’t want any more children, you should’ve gotten a vasectomy.

"Accidental pregnancies happen, and abortion is never an easy choice, and not something that it’s fair to demand of anyone else."

A different person commented:

"This human has been alive for two years. Yes, you may not have wanted to be a father, but you had surgical options to make that possible, You now hae another child.

"Are you going to tell kid #2 he was a mistake? I say you take matters into your own hands to prevent future kids, but acknowledge that you are a dad of two."

Some others argued that the man was entitled to a divorce if he wanted one, as his question wasn't about whether or not he was a bad person for not wanting another kid.

One Reddit user posted:

"I say based on the actual question you asked, you are [not the asshole]. You asked if you’re an asshole for wanting to divorce your wife after the birth of your second kid.

"Most people have been interpreting it as 'Am I the asshole for not wanting my wife to have a second kid', in which you would be the asshole. You can fall out of love with someone for any reason. It’s not your fault. That doesn’t make you an asshole."