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22nd Jun 2023

Dad’s trick for getting his son to take medicine causes major parenting debate


Sometimes it is completely fair to resort to some trickery when medicine is involved.

A dad who was struggling to get his child to take his medicine shared his own a nifty little trick to Facebook.

His clever disguise for the common kids remedy led to thousands of parents across the globe applauding him.

In the video he is seen using a juice carton, under which he quickly hides the medicine syringe, before letting the child think he is sucking on the straw to get some juice – when really is getting the medicine squirted directly into his mouth.

Clever? I know.

And then, of course, once it is taken, you can allow your child to take a little sip of actual juice, as a little reward.

Upon sharing the video, LadBible’s post was, naturally, inundated with comments and replies to the thread, most of which super-positive saying how this is a great idea and thank you for sharing.

Others (probably those who have never actually tried to get a spoon of foul-tasting medicine into a squirming child) were pointing fingers, saying it is never right to trick a child.

That right there is modern parenting avoidance,” one person wrote. “Opportunity to teach a lesson missed – it’s called taking your medicine.

Needless to say, these types of comments were rather quickly shot down by parents everywhere.

Where do YOU stand, parents? How quick are you to trick your child – especially when it is something concerning their own good?